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Name Title Department Phone Email
Gaither, Joseph Housekeeping Operations Manager Operations and Maintenance 215-573-5551
Galdi, Ralph Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-898-7171
Gallagher, Chris Senior Project Manager Design and Construction 215-898-2938
Garofalo, Gary Managing Supervisor - Parking 215-898-6933
Giannone, Marianne Building Manager 215-898-5946
Gibson, Karen Contracts Coordinator Design and Construction 215-898-0250
Gladstone, Donna Women's Center Building Manager 215-898-8611
Goldstein, Brittany Capital Accountant Administration 215-573-2831
Golpe, Rebecca Residential Services Manager 215-898-4562
Goodman, Kim HR Generalist Administration 215-573-6189
Greco, Barbara Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-5580
Greene, Ronald Building Manager (GSE) 215-898-7388
Grossman, David Building Manager 215-898-4831
Gustkey, Noah Building Manager (DRIA) 215-573-4025
Guttman, Joseph Building Manager 215-898-1670
Hall, Anita Budgeting and Financial Manager Administration 215-898-4242
Hampton, Sharon Customer Service Assistant Operations and Maintenance 215-898-7171
Hannon, Benjamin A. Facilities Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-898-7171
Hansen, Elizabeth Executive Director, Finance and Administration Administration 215-573-2307
Hanson, Christian Data & Documentation Manager Office of the University Architect 215-746-6430
Hardy, Val Building Manager 215-898-2876
Harkins, Rob Building Manager 215-573-9251
Harris, Ron Building Manager (SOM) 215-898-1792
Harrison, Jr., Don Building Manager (Provost) 215-898-0809
Hauber, Steven Building Manager 215-898-2876
Hauber, Tom Building Manager (VPUL) 215-898-3591
Hazley, Daniel Facilities Manager Operations and Maintenance
Henkel, John Building Manager (Dining) 215-898-5213
Hoepfl, Jeff Area Manager Operations and Maintenance 215-898-6878
Hollenberg, David University Architect Special Projects Office of the University Architect 215-573-9005
Holman, Andy Building Manager (DAR and Franklin) 215-898-8495
Hopler, John Director Woodland Area Operations and Maintenance 215-573-4905
Houghton, Brian Building Manager 215-573-3775
Hunsberger, Derek Residential Service Administrator 215-573-1146
Iannotta, Victoria Director of FRES IT Administration 215-898-5131
Insinga, Marc Controls Center Supervisor 215-898-7171
International House, Building Administrator Building Manager NA
Isola, Bryan Building Manager (NBC)
Jackson, Darlene Building Manager (SAS) 215-573-9702
Jacob, Rebecca Administrative Coordinator Office of the University Architect 215-573-2625
Jensen, Laurie Building Manager 215-573-9370
Jerman, Monique Capital Accountant Administration 215-898-5684
Johnson, Allan Assistant Operations Manager Real Estate Development 215-898-2977
Jones, Andrew Assistant Project Manager Design and Construction 215-573-9471
Jones, Andy MEP Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-746-6856
Jourdan, Lisa Andrea Building Manager 215-573-9992
Joyner, Russ Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-7307 joyner@
Kaplan, Royce Building Manager (SOM) 215-898-4223
Kasprzyk, Bruce Building Manager 215-573-6786
Kauderwood, Ira Associate General Counsel Vice President 215-746-6862