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Name Title Department Phone Email
Sparks, Wendy Director of Housekeeping Operations and Maintenance 215-573-6424
Stack, Michael Director of Budget & Capital Planning Administration 215-573-6633
Stein, Robert Network Administrator Administration 215-898-1123
Stein, Roy Facilities Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-898-3599
Steinmacher, John Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-5714
Stinnet, Deborah APPC Building Manager 215-898-9728
Stokes, Deborah Administrative Coordinator Administration 215-573-2520
Stuart, Randall Director of Safety Operations and Maintenance 215-573-8402
Suplick, Benedict Director of Engineering and Energy Planning Operations and Maintenance 215-573-6187
Swanson, Eric Operations Engineer Operations and Maintenance 215-573-7934
Swenbeck, Paul Building Manager 215-746-1472
Terch, Donald Planner / Area Manager Operations and Maintenance 215-620-3441
Teter, Matthew Energy Planning Associate Operations and Maintenance 215-746-6854
Tilson, Tammy Contracts Coordinator Design and Construction 215-898-8662
Torres, Jacinta Close-Out Specialist Office of the University Architect 215-898-5604
Trumbo, James Building Manager (SAS) 215-746-3526
Tweedy, Joshua Building Manager (LGBTC) 215-898-0544
Vacant, (Open) Director of Sustainability Office of the University Architect 215-746-6429
Vacant, (Open) Environmental Graphic Designer Office of the University Architect
Vacant, Position Administrative Coordinator Vice President 215-573-9352
Vacant, Position Executive Assistant to VP Vice President 215-898-7241
Vacant, Position Senior Project Manager Design and Construction
Vakilizadeh, Faramarz Executive Director of Operations and Maintenance Operations and Maintenance 215-898-2750
Vargas, Enrique Building Manager (LRSM) 215-898-7793
Vickers, Patricia Building Manager (Records) 215-898-9432
Wagner, Amy Building Manager 215-746-8617
Walker, Derrick Building Manager (Parking) 215-898-8914
Walker, Natalie Sustainability Manager Office of the University Architect 215-573-4902
Wall, Ronald Trades Manager Operations and Maintenance 215-573-7475
Warrick, Nadia Building Manager 215-356-2682
Wellington, Cehara Building Manager (Athletics) 215-898-4744
Wellman, Jr., Karl M. Building Manager (Design) 215-898-8322
Wells, Colin Building Manager 610-241-0536
Werez, Kris Building Manager (VPUL) 215-898-4512
Wetzel, Jennifer Director of Design and Construction Design and Construction 215-573-3935
Weyand, William Wendell Electrical Shop Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 267-608-9394
White, Brian Building Manager 215-898-5044
White-Thompson, Kandace Administrative Coordinator Operations and Maintenance 215-746-6566
Whiteman, Keith Building Manager (Linguistics) 215-898-0464
Wigfall, Louis Building Manager (Wharton) 215-898-8322
Williams, Bob Building Manager 215-573-8269
Wilson, Hugh Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-7300
Woltman, Darlene Building Manager (SAS) 215-746-6446
Wuenschel, Cristina Project Manager Design and Construction 215.573.3924
Wunder, Heidi Assistant Director - Communications Vice President 215-746-0123
Yoo, Thomas Real Estate Senior Project Manager Real Estate Development 215-898-0674
Young, Kim Customer Service Assistant Operations and Maintenance 215-898-7208
Zafiropoulos, George Director of Design and Construction Design and Construction 215-573-6562
Zarynow, Andrew Energy Planning Engineer Operations and Maintenance 215-573-9693
Zuino, Al Building Manager (Housing) 215-898-3547