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Name Title Department Phone Email
Mackin, Hal Building Manager (DRIA) 215-898-4744
Macqueen, Ruth Project Manager Design and Construction 215-898-5680
Mahony, John Senior Project Manager Design and Construction 215-573-6612
Main, Elizabeth Adelaide Sustainability Coordinator Office of the University Architect 215-573-9725
Majeski, Michelle Building Manager 215-573-4592
Malek, Maryellen Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-1545
Mallet, Marsha Building Manager (SAS) 215-573-0685
Management, Forest City Building Manager 215-222-6300
Mand, Arlene Building Manager (SAS) 215-573-3164
Mann-Guerrero, Miriam Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-7345
Manthe, Brian Associate Director for Operations (Parking) 215-898-5477
Martin, Chereese Director of FRES HR Administration 215-573-7702
Mattei-Ramos, Carlos Project Manager Design and Construction 215-573-6612
Maurer, Keith Building Manager 215-573-8723
Maurer, Stephen Building Manager (Residence) 215-573-1145
Maute, David Project Manager Design and Construction 215-573-5523
Mayer, Kevin Property Manager (JLL) 215-558-6430
McAndrews, Diane Building Manager (SOM) 215-898-0515
McCue, Nancy Building Manager (Housing) 215-898-6641
McDevitt, Brian Building Manager (Museum) 215-898-2455
McEachern, Terry Maria Customer Service Assistant Operations and Maintenance 215-898-7208
McFarlane, Sarah Building Manager 215-573-1145
McGinnis, Kathleen Building Manager 215-898-7436
McKeaney, William Executive Director of Finance, Accounting and Analysis Administration 215-746-6857
McKelvie, Colin Project Manager Design and Construction 215-573-7435
McLaughlin, Mike Building Manager
McLean, Kathy Building Manager (SOM) 215-573-5067
McMahon, Chad Electrical Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-898-6295
McNeil, William Control Center Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-746-6620
Menon, Sudha Senior Capital Accounting Manager Administration 215-573-8403
Mike, Janisheck Building Operations Supervisor 267-300-6808
Miller, John Patrick Residential Trades Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-573-4898
Mintzer, Joel Residential Service Administrator 267-898-1621
Molishus, Walter Shift Operation Manager Operations and Maintenance 215-898-4362
Montowski, Chris Building Manager 215-783-5725
Moran, Mark Controls Center Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-898-7171
Morawetz, Ellen Building Manager 215-898-3632
Morgans, Pete Building Manager 215-573-3620
Murphy (of PBS), Pat 215-898-0234