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Name Title Department Phone Email
Price, Judith Customer Service Assistant Operations and Maintenance 215-898-7207
Pridgen, Sophia Payroll Administrator Administration 215-746-6422
Prophete, Hasanaat Mechanical Engineer Operations and Maintenance 215-898-5696
Prosperi, Karoline Procurement Manager  Administration 215-898-9889
Quigley, Bill Construction Trades Planner Operations and Maintenance 215-573-3914
Ramos, Antoinette Administrative Coordinator - Labor Relations Operations and Maintenance 215-898-2459
Rauer, James Resource Center Coordinator Office of the University Architect 215-746-7787
Ravenell, Pat Building Manager 215-898-8525
Reber, Kathryn Building manager 215-898-9159
Reber, Kathryn Greenhouse and Garden Manager 215-898-9159
Reed, Kevin Building Manager 215-898-9432
Renwick, Emily Communications Coordinator Vice President
Renzi, Gina Director, the Rotunda Real Estate Development 215-573-3234
Reyes-Rosario, Max Building Manager 215-898-1621
Reynolds, Adrian Area Manager Operations and Maintenance 215-746-1463
Riley, Karen Building Manager (APPC) 215-746-0045
Rizak, M. Jeffrey Senior Electrical Engineer Operations and Maintenance 215-746-1379
Rizzi, Jennifer Director of Communications Vice President 215-573-6107
Robinson, Betsy Director of Special Projects Operations and Maintenance 215-573-3750
Robinson, John Building Manager 215-746-2699
Robinson, Rodney Building Manager (VPUL) 215-898-5339
Rogers, Nikyia 215-898-5118
Romeo, Maria Building Manager (SAS) 215-573-2672
Roncace, Craig Urban Parks Manager Operations and Maintenance 215-898-7202
Rosato, Kyle Building Manager (EHRS) 215-898-0766
Ross, Katherine Building Manager (DP) 215-898-6581
Rossley, John Building Manager (Residential) 215-573-3394
Royer, Samuel Penn Park Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-746-8593
Sanchez, Esaul Asset Manager for Real Estate Real Estate Development 215-746-7752
Sarah, Deak Building Administrator 215-898-4145
Schinnar, Amir Building Manager (SDM) 215-279-4339
Schuh, Madeline Sustainability Analyst Office of the University Architect 215-746-6340
Schultheis, Amanda Building Manager (VPUL) 215-898-4831
Schwartz, Beth Facilities Database Coordinator Operations and Maintenance 215-573-7151
Sears, Dennis Acountant / Financial Analyst Project Management Administration 215-898-4605
Serrano, Marc-Anthony Building Manager
Service, Customer Building Manager 215-898-7208
Seymour, Denise Call Center Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-746-3143
Shanahan, Quyen Building Manager (WXPN) 215-898-0628
Shepherd, Margaret Building Manager (DAR) 215-898-7814
Shumaker, Laurie-Ellen Lease Administrator Real Estate Development 215-746-6861
Simpson, Lara Building Manager 215-573-1145
Sims, Robert Central Trades Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-573-4898
Sines, JeanMarie Building Manager 215-442-4521
Smith, Cheryl Space Planner / Analyst Office of the University Architect 215-746-6571
Smith, Edward Facilities Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-898-8650
Smith, Laura Park Director of Portfolio Management Real Estate Development 215-898-4241
Sorensen, Matthew Energy Planning Associate Operations and Maintenance 215-287-6504
Soria, Patricia Building Manager (Greenfield) 215-898-3357
Sour, Johnny Sr. Finanacial Analyst Administration 215-898-2060