Landscape and Plantings

FRES is responsible for the management, design, and technical support of landscape projects and oversees all open space, including trees, plantings, walks, hardscape, and exterior furnishings.

The Landscape Architecture group, within the Office of the University Architect, supports the University's mission by preserving the character of the landscape and implementing improvements and ecological initiatives.  The Office works closely with our Urban Park staff to maintain our campus.

All landscape projects follow our Standards for exterior furnishings including bike racks, benches, lighting, bollards, tables and chairs, and donor plaques.  Reference list of all Landscape Standards.

The design of our campus stems from the original landscape plan developed in 1977.  For more information about campus development, visit Campus History.


Penn Plant Explorer

A searchable database that allows you to locate and learn about landscape features on campus.

Trees, benches and small garden plantings are dedicated as commemorative elements on campus.

The creation, care, and management of our trees, plantings, campus walkways, and specialty gardens is coordinated by the Office of the University Architect.