The Capital Plan is a tool that helps the University understand and plan for upcoming projects over the next five years. The Division of Facilities and Real Estate Services manages the planning process. Every Fall each School and Center is contacted to initiate the planning process. Each School and Center meets at the Left Bank during December and January with the Budget Office, representatives from the Provost/EVP Office, Development, Facilities, and the Treasurer’s Office to discuss their plans in detail. The plan is updated as individual projects go through the budget approval process. For more information about the budget approval process, please see the Initiate a Project » section of our website.


Before the Capital Plan meetings in January, the Principal Planning Engineer contacts each School and Center about their renewal needs. Schools and Centers are encouraged to include needs in planned projects if they are in the same space or to partner with the Principal Planning Engineer to expedite their priority needs. For a more detailed explanation of the Facilities Renewal Fund, please click here ».

If a School or Center has a lease, the Director of Portfolio Management meets with and discusses the renewal of their leases and any additional needs before their Capital Plan submission. The School or Center must submit their final leasing plan, with their Capital Plan, in December in order to consider their submission complete. For more information on the leasing process, please click here ».

A Capital Needs Statement should be filled out for every new project on the Fiscal Year Capital Plan. Capital Needs Statements are not needed for projects on the Five Year Plan at this time. The Capital Needs Statement ensures that the Provost/EVP is aware that the School/Center would like these projects to proceed in the upcoming fiscal year. The form does not signify approval or initiation of the project.

Capital Planning Forms

The Capital Needs Statement and CITE Capital Needs Statement have been updated to reflect the new capital approval thresholds. For more information on the approval process, please click here ».


FY2023 Capital Planning Template

FY2024-2028 Capital Planning Template

Capital Plan Signature Memo Template

For Leasing Forms, please visit the Leasing section » of our website.


Additional Resources


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