Discover Penn is a campus-wide cell phone tour that provides an innovative approach to experiencing the campus. The program helps users understand Penn in a different and unexpected way - as a place - its people, its art, its buildings, its academics, its landscape. The program, which started in Fall 2008, currently has fifteen sites identified by the red Discover Penn signs placed at the locations. The recordings are done by Penn Trustees, faculty, alumni, and those who are experts in their field or who have a close connection to Penn. The messages run approximately 2 minutes long and vary between deep, trivial, serious and lighthearted. The sites are equally diverse, including public art, historic buildings, and research milestones.

Callers can hear any number of narrations in any order they choose. User costs are limited to cell phone minutes. Penn community members and visitors are encouraged to use the program and Discover Penn in a whole new way.

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