Facilities and Real Estate Services is responsible for the design and maintenance of the physical campus. The Division oversees several policies for the University that help maintain the integrity of our urban environment.

Penn Park aerial view

Campus Greens, Lawns and Plazas are designed to provide open space for the University and University Community.

Exterior Sign on Penn Campus

As stewards of the campus environment, the Office of the University Architect oversees exterior signage for the University. 

Graphic penn banner

The University balances the need to draw attention to special events with the need to preserve the beauty and serenity of our campus. Therefore, to the greatest extent possible, the hanging of banners should to be limited to approved banner locations.

Seven story white building

The rental of leased property is intended to support the University’s mission of instruction, research and public service.

snowy trees at night

When a storm develops Facilities and Real Estate Services will enact the University's snow removal plan, in coordination with the Division of Public Safety and the Department of Transportation and Parking, to ensure that the needs of the University community are met.