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Name Title Department Phone Email
Acosta, Maria Building Manager (Penn Women's Center) 215-898-8611
Adzima, Jennifer Building Manager 215-573-6784
Alexander, Monica Connor Project Manager Design and Construction 215-573-5305
Allen, James Housekeeping Operations Coordinator Operations and Maintenance 215-573-5254
Ames, Thomas Building Manager 215-898-3369
Anders, Brian Building Manager 215-898-7814
Anderson, Robert Building Manager (Morris Arb) 215-247-5777
Andrews, Edward Housekeeping Campus-wide Manager/KRONOS Operations and Maintenance
Angstadt, Robert Project Manager Design and Construction 215-573-7864
Apthorp, Elizabeth Residential Services Manager 215-898-5232
Asciutto, Anthony Area Manager Operations and Maintenance 215-573-5454
Augustine, Chris Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-9413
Baehrl, Laura Capital Accountant Administration 215-898-3432
Baker, Tiffani Payroll Supervisor Administration 215-746-6564
Ballard, Bretagne Building Manager 215-898-6130
Baxter-Bellamy, Amy Building Manager 215-573-4288
Bean, Jim Director of Labor Relations Operations and Maintenance 215-898-0100
Becker, Steve Director of Project Management Real Estate Development 215-898-2458
Benfold, Ed Senior Project Manager Design and Construction 215-898-1128
Benner, Joe General ConstructionTrades Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-651-2470
Bennett, Damesa Building Manager 215-898-6846
Berkowitz, Taylor Senior Planner, Special Projects Office of the University Architect 215-898-6690
Bethel, Allan Urban Park Supervisor Operations and Maintenance 215-746-7771
Bitton, Lucy Property Manager (JLL) Real Estate Development 215-558-6423
Blankemeyer, John Area Manager Operations and Maintenance 215-573-7166
Bloomfield, Rainford 'Perry' Senior IT Support Specialist Administration 215-746-5107
Blum, Andrew Building Manager 847-421-9830
Boggs, Kim Payroll Administrator Administration 215-746-6432
Bolognese, Denise Administrative Coordinator/Trades Operations and Maintenance 215-898-1082
Bomento, Antoinette Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-7307
Bowden, Denise Building Manager (DAR) 215-898-7814
Breitenbach, Mark Senior Project Manager Design and Construction 215-898-0665
Brenner, Gary Technology Trades Manager Operations and Maintenance 215-573-3738
Brochin, Jeremy Building Manager (Hillel) 215-898-7391 jbrochin
Brooks, Terence Project Manager Design and Construction 215-898-3067
Brown, Maggie Building Manager 215-746-6868
Brown-Pearson, Kimberly Customer Service Assistant Operations and Maintenance 215-898-7171
Bruno, Al Sr IT Support Specialist Administration 215-898-4317
Brutsche, Chuck Building Manager (SAS) 215-746-7112
Buccilli, Joan Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-5724
Buchanan, Elaine Building Manager (SVM) 215-898-6007
Buchman, Mariette Director Of Design and Construction Design and Construction 215-573-9633
Burke, Daniel Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-8407
Byford, Tracey Lea Building Manager (SAS) 215-898-7175
Cackovich, Jim Building Manager 215-898-9827
Campbell, Paul Building Manager, South Bank 215-397-8849
Caputo, Sal Building Manager 215-898-5948
Caran, Maria Accountant Administration 215-746-6437
Cardillo, Sam Building Manager 215-238-1290
Cario, Madison Building Manager (Annenberg Center) 215-898-4953