• Academic Research Building exterior from spruce street

  • Academic Research Bldg view from southwest

  • Academic Research Bldg atrium view

  • Academic Research Bldg view from south, Spruce Street

  • Academic Research Bldg view from woodland walk

  • Academic Research Bldg view from Mack Plaza

  • Academic Research Bldg overlooking work room

Planning Strategy: 
The five-story building resolves two important functions, while also defining several significant campus features. Primarily, the ground floor improves aging campus infrastructure, replacing the formerly underground electrical substation and the surface service dock with new facilities. The upper floors link to the south side of Steinberg Hall -Dietrich Hall, adding critical space for Wharton’s academic and research uses. The new entrance completes the east side of Tannenbaum Plaza, and Woodland Walk is extended to renew the intersection at Spruce Street and the connection to the iconic Quad.
Two floors are programmed for active student use and two floors are planned for academic research. Advanced classrooms, seminar rooms, and highly popular group study rooms are arranged around informal lounge and meeting spaces that overlook the campus or an internal atrium. These spaces are designed to encourage students to extend formal learning into diverse collaborative exercises and the potential for social engagement. The upper floors for the Statistics Department and Wharton Customer Analytics facilitate collaborative research among faculty, post doctorate students and staff. The new building uses red brick, slate-toned tile panels, and a diagonal glass curtainwall to respond to the context of campus buildings and spaces. A graphic glass wall installation reveals the interior life of the building to the campus beyond.

Academic Research Building Location

265 S. 37th Street
Philadelphia PA, 19104

Academic Research Building

Gross Area (sq. ft.):
Total Project Cost:
Year Built:
MGA Partners
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Area Manager:
Anthony Asciutto
Building Manager:
Andrew Harrington

This 65,000 GSF building links to the south side of Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall. Four floors of academic and research space includes flat floor classrooms, group study rooms, research centers and shared conference rooms.  A new electrical substation was incorporated into the first floor of the building and the 3600 block of Woodland Walk has been restored.