• Amy Gutmann Hall Southwest perspective

  • Amy Gutmann Hall south perspective

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  • Amy Gutmann Hall auditorium

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Planning Strategy: 
Amy Gutmann Hall will serve as a hub for cross-disciplinary collaborations that harness research and data across Penn's 12 schools and numerous academic centers. Including active learning classrooms, collaborative spaces for student projects, and a data science hub for the entire Penn community, upon completion, Amy Gutmann Hall will centralize resources that will advance the work of scholars across a wide variety of fields while making the tools and concepts of data analysis more accessible to the entire Penn community. This building will replace the current parking area at 34th and Chestnut Streets. Amy Gutmann Hall is expected to be completed in summer 2024.

Amy Gutmann Hall Location

Amy Gutmann Hall

Gross Area (sq. ft.):
In Construction
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Lake I Flato, KSS