• Lauder Family at College House Entrance.

  • Unveiling of Lauder Plaque.

  • Courtyard Celebration.

  • Lauder College House view from south west lawn.

  • Lauder College House entrance stair.

  • Lauder College House south side at 34th Street.

  • Lauder College House south side at 34th Street.

  • Aerial view of Lauder College House.

  • View to lifted lawn along Woodland Walk.

  • View toward entrance from Woodland Walk.

  • View of Courtyard.

  • 33rd and Chestnut Street Gateway.

  • Chestnut Street Elevation looking West.

  • Dining Pavilion looking East.

  • Dining Pavilion looking West.

  • Hill Square existing site.

  • Lauder College House aerial photo with green space in the middle

Lauder College House is Penn’s first-ever residential building specifically designed as a college house, the University’s residential system that brings together undergraduates, faculty, staff, and graduate students to form shared communities within the larger campus context. 

Planning Strategy: 
The Lauder College House establishes a gateway to campus, as it is located at a key pedestrian approach from the northeastern corner of the University. It is now the first building one encounters when coming from the 30th Street Amtrak and Regional Rail Station, and it fronts onto Woodland Walk, one of the three main pedestrian paths identified in the Campus Development Plan. A public open space called the 'Lifted Lawn' enlivens the center of this important residential quadrangle.
A 350-bed College House, including residential advisors, faculty, and house master suites. The ground floor features common amenities such as dining and social spaces.

Lauder College House Location

3335 Woodland Walk
Philadelphia PA, 19104

Lauder College House

Building Code:
Gross Area (sq. ft.):
Total Project Cost:
Year Built:
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
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Area Manager:
Gavin Zubka
Building Manager:
Maurice Taylor