The Left Bank seen from the street level

Constructed as the Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Building in 1929, in a restrained Art Deco style, the first floor is sheathed in limestone with the upper stories clad in buff colored brick with limestone details. Rising six stories above a track level, the building was originally designed as a combination freight station, warehouse and showroom, and is characterized by immense massing, typical of industrial architecture. The structure was renovated and converted into condominium apartments, with a massive open courtyard carved from the interior, by the firm of Bower Lewis Thrower Architects in 2001.

Several University offices are located on the lower level the Left Bank

Facilities &, Real Estate Services, 3101 Walnut

Environmental Health &, Radiation Safety, Suite 400

Penn Center For Innovation, Suite 200

Penn Children's Center, Suite 100

Penn Mail Service, Suite 500

Left Bank, The Location

3131 Walnut Street
Philadelphia PA, 19104

Left Bank, The

Building Code:
Gross Area (sq. ft.):
Year Built:
Addition Year:
1960, 2001
United Engineers and Constructors of Philadelphia
Other Name:
GE Building, Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Building
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Area Manager:
Mike Ferraiolo