Steinberg Hall - Dietrich Hall facade

The Wharton School moved to Dietrich Hall from overcrowded quarters in Logan Hall. The New York architectural firm of McKim, Mead &, White which designed many of Columbia University&rsquo,s facilities, designed the building. By the early 1980s, growth in Wharton School programs created a strong need for additional facilities. The University asked the firm of Warner Burns, Toane and Lunde (also from New York) to prepare designs for renovating the original building and for an addition. Behind the new facade, the original Dietrich facade is largely intact on the interior and retains the limestone panel on which was inscribed Dietrich Hall. The addition sides and rear retain the detailing of the original building, which overlaid a slightly orange brick with limestone trim and organized windows into vertical bands in the fashion of contemporary design. The original building honored D. Wellington Dietrich, uncle of H. Richard Dietrich and Daniel W. Dietrich, Wharton graduates and benefactors of the University. The 1983 renovation and addition honors Saul Steinberg, CEO of the Reliance Group Holdings and University graduate, trustee and donor of the facility.

Steinberg Hall - Dietrich Hall Location

3620 Locust Walk
Philadelphia PA, 19104

Steinberg Hall - Dietrich Hall

Building Code:
Gross Area (sq. ft.):
Year Built:
Addition Year:
McKim, Mead & White/Warner, Burns,Toan & Lunde
Other Name:
Steinberg-Dietrich, Dietrich Hall
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Area Manager:
Anthony Asciutto
Building Manager:
Maria O'Callaghan