These are the design standards for building components and systems for renovation and new construction projects at the University of Pennsylvania. These standards been prepared to familiarize the A/E with the University's design requirements and procedures, preferred systems and materials, utility operating characteristics, and energy available on campus.  Architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and landscape standards and corresponding reference material are included in the links below.

General engineering and landscape requirements and landscape materials list.
This section provides standards for door hardware.
The Specialties Division is a catch-all for diverse categories ranging from bench and tree donor plaques to toilet accessories.
Equipment including waste handling, compactors and balers make up this division.
Furnishings incorporate many different materials, and each material has its own specifications. Furnishings in this section include park bench, tables and chairs and bike racks.

The Elevator Contractor shall be required to fully and completely abide by all of the University of Pennsylvania Design Standards and requirements prior to the submission of their bids.

All new and renovated buildings shall be provided with automatic sprinklers throughout and fire standpipe systems. The design and installation of these systems shall be in accordance with NFPA standards, City of Philadelphia Code, and FM Global requirements. The installation of all sprinklers shall only be executed by an authorized approved sprinkler contractor.

This section defines standards for valves, domestic hot and cold water systems, sanitary and storm water drainage systems, fire protection piping and plumbing valves and fixtures.
The Mechanical Division includes standards for HVAC, Insulation Systems, Water Treatment, Ductwork Accessories, Fans & Air Filtration, Cooling and Humidifiers.
All building mechanical systems shall be controlled via an electronic Building Automation System (BAS) interfacing with the existing University Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.
Division 26 includes electrical standards for site work excavation, wire & cable, boxes, underground duct banks and raceways, electrical identification, monitoring, control and distribution, programming, transformers, panelboards, motor controls, wiring devices, switches and breakers, emergency...

The Communication Division includes standards for data, voice and video pathways and spaces.

The Electric Safety + Security Division includes standards for the electrical design guide for fire alarm systems.
The Exterior Improvements Division includes standards for tree planting, fencing, curbs, sidewalks, piperail, bollards, handrails, and more.
Divisional CSI Standards Details associated with the Divisional CSI standards. Most of the details are associated with Division 23: Mechanical.